Hinge Door Repair

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Door Hinge repair Calgary

Sometimes, we can find ourselves in an unfortunate situation. Whether there has been vandalism to your doors or locks or a break-in… Rest assured that you have found an affordable and expert door repair company at 24/7 Calgary Door Repair. Serving Calgary and surrounding areas with 247 service and fast response at any time. We aim to ease your crisis situation with competent, efficient service.

Latches, hinges, strike plate, locks, frames and more are the parts on your door that suffer wear and tear. Sometimes, to replace the entire door can be more expensive!  A better and more affordable idea would be to have a door repair specialist come access the door for repair options. In fact, it could be a simple fix with an adjustment and/ or alignment issue.

Door Hinge repair Calgary

Residential Door Repair

Is your door not closing right? Simply put, it could be a lock adjustment or hinge repair. Framing could be the cause of the problem. Door frames are an integral part of door security and need to be properly installed.

After a break-in or vandalism you may want to install a peephole or security camera. We offer installations at great prices and with same day service, for your convenience. We also do:Interior and Exterior Door Repair

  • Garage Door Repair
  • Locksmith Service
  • Mailbox & Lock Box
  • And more…
  • tial Door Repair

Commercial Door Repair

While running a business or office, you will need to ensure that all of your door and exit options are at top operational performance. Safety being your top priority. Furthermore, having all of the interior and exterior commercial doors, gate and points of entry fully functional, is advantageous for your clients and/or customers and will benefit your business immensely.

  • Office Door
  • Bathroom Doors
  • Entry Doors
  • Fire Doors

We service all commercial door types at 24/7 Calgary Door Repair. Offering 24/7 availability can help ensure that you business continues to run at peak performance.

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