How we keep our customers safe during COVID19

We haven’t faced this kind of an epidemic for over a 100 years. No wonder why most of us are stressed and worries all the time. How do we keep on with our life as much as possible? How can we be sure we keep our loved ones safes? And how can we keep ourselves safe?

In addition, most people are still working and try to carry on with their lives. Whether if it’s going to work, visit the family, or even doing a workout – People are trying to live their lives. That’s why, most professional service (Locksmiths, plumbing, construction, etc.) continues to operate under some limitations.

Locksmith Calgary remains available 24/7 even now. We offer professional locksmith service at all times and at all locations. Moreover, our technicians are mobile and spread around Calgary. That way, we’ll be able to dispatch the closest tech to your location ASAP. As a result of that, our response time is ONLY 20 minutes! We do our best to solve your problem as quickly as possible. Bottom line – we do everything we can to help everyone who needs us and keep our customers safe.

Furthermore, we understand that times are hard, and our prices remain the same. With ONLY $15 for the call-out fee, we do our best to be affordable and reachable to whoever needs us.

keep our customers safe

How we keep our customers safe?

Using protective equipment

Each of our locksmiths is equipped with a protective mask, gloves, and disinfecting supplies. Moreover, throughout their work at your property, they keep it on them and remain as far away from you as possible. We take great efforts in keeping our customers safe at all times.

keep our customers safe

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Other than our regular end of work cleaning, we’ll disinfect our work area and tools. Also, we use only the best products to do so. Furthermore, after every job we’ll clean our hands, tools, and equipment we used.

In conclusion, rest assure – Locksmith Calgary is doing whatever’s possible to keep you safe.

Please remember we are here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Don’t hesitate to contact us when needed – we’ll help you out at the best prices and shortest time.