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Lock Re-key

Some people might think that the only solution, in order to protect one’s home from a lost key is a new lock installation.

However, Locksmith Calgary offers you a better alternative, it will definitely cost you less while providing the same security level – a Lock Re-key.

Have a question about doing a Lock Rekey? Want to book our service? Call us now on the number (403) 800-9331.

Your security is number one for us! Our home security experts will rekey any brand or type of lock, no matter what type of lock you already have installed in your door.

Save Money and do a Lock Rekey?

Our company provides 24 Hour Locksmith services around the clock.

So whenever you need help with doing a re-key or other services please feel free to call us on (403) 800-9331!

We are available to take your call at all times and we’ll send you a technician right away!

We assure you – doing a rekey will be cheaper than changing the whole lock. But, more importantly, it will provide you the same level of security.

What is the meaning of rekeying?

Locksmith Calgary offers a quick and efficient lock re-key service. Our technicians are set up with the latest modern technology and are available 24/7 at your request.

If your lock isn’t broken – there is no need for replacing the whole lock or a new lock installment. Changing the ‘pins’ inside the lock will achieve the same result!

There is no lock that our professional technicians won’t be able to rekey. This fast and easy operation will save you both time and money!

Moreover, we highly recommend you to rekey your locks when relocating to a new home. You don’t need to change all the locks. What’s special about rekeying, is that we can change only the ‘pins’ in the locks so it’ll match your new key.

Further, we can change the ‘pins’ in the key itself in case you want it to match the locks you already have in your property.

Lock rekey

In conclusion,

Need a professional locksmith to rekey your locks? Contact us now!

Our technicians are also available 24/7 to any kind of lock-related emergencies!

Our response time is ONLY 20 minutes!