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24/7 Locksmith tells you what to do when there is an Emergency Child Lockout – a child who has been accidentally locked inside a vehicle.

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Your best options to follow to save a child locked inside:

I would recommend them to break the glass window beside the driver’s seat.

At such moments one must not think about the damage to the car, but only saving a child’s life.

The temperature inside the vehicle is at least 60 degrees during the summer, and it’s just irresponsible to wait half an hour for a locksmith – one must act, and act fast ”

Break the window far away from child’s seat

which car to break ?

Emergency Car Lockout

Simon from Locksmith in Calgary says: “When the child is sitting in the back, it is important to break the window on the right front (which is the farthest window from the child), so when the glass goes flying it doesn’t go toward the child. The owner, once found, will be able to drive the vehicle with that broken window. It is important to avoid breaking the windshield, since you cannot drive without front window wipers, also, it’s repair cost is significantly more expensive than the cost side of a side window. ”

What can you use to break through the window? “A large stone, rod, or Jack from inside a nearby passing vehicle, if not your own.”

Beware of trying to contort yourself to the cross bar

There are less urgent cases, in which an attacker can read, but people try to save the cost and actually cause greater harm to themselves.

“There are those who take a screwdriver and try to move the window,” explains Simon. “The damage caused is serious, and when driving over 60 mph, the wind penetrates the space between the window frame, causing more damage.”


Ways of how to prevent this life-threatening event in the first place? This automatic locking of the vehicle? Simon says: ” Ask the dealer you bought the car from to disable the automatic locking sensor.”

This is not possible in all vehicles, and so there is a duty to be aware of this in advance, so as to avoid any more dangerous situations in the future.

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“One of the common reasons why people invite a locksmith to break into their vehicles,  is due to its automatic locking sensor.”

“In some vehicles built from 2006 and older, made in Europe, there is a sensor auto lock. It is part of the European standard,” says Simon from locksmith calgary

which exists mainly in leased vehicles (or those purchased through leasing).

The problem is that people are not always aware of the automatic locking systems and we often receive 10 calls a month, sometimes more, from parents saying that they didn’t realize the car locked itself up after jumping out for a coffee.

There are sensors that automatically lock after 15 seconds to half a minute. These automatic locks can lock up even when the key is in the switch. Something to keep in mind, especially if you have a family.

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